Alaskan Range Trips


THESE trips are conducted throughout the Alaskan Range. We conduct traditional Alaskan Backpacking trips throughout this mountainous expanse of land. 

"Our Talkeetna Mountain trips are based deep within Alaska's Alaskan Mountain Range. Each trip varies in length. The trips include a professional guide, gear, food, and air taxi services into the bush and back.

The clients should arrive in Anchorage the day before the trip is set to start. The clients will be shuttled from Anchorage to the field, via airplane. Once in the field, the guide will then give an overview of safety and discuss the itinerary for the trip, these "leave no trace" expeditions may include hiking, rafting, fishing, wildlife viewing, climbing, and photography tours. You will then begin to set up your camp, and with whatever time you have left that day you will begin your activities.

Clients should expect weather ranging from 40 to 75 degrees, so a good layering system is a must. (Check out the "gear list" tab.) After your adventure has come to an end, you will then tear down your camp and the plane will arrive for your departure."