Follow the herd backpacking

9-Day A-B Style Trip | 25 June - 06 August | Approx. 25+ MI 

This trip takes place during the Caribou migration through the Talkeetna Mt Range. Beside your guide, you will land on a small float plane at a lake in the Range. From this entry point, you will begin a 7 day hiking trip through the mountains to the pick up location. Depending on the experience level and physical capabilities of your group your guide will be able to take you through various difficulty leveled paths. You will have the opportunity to spot grizzly bears, black bears, large herds of caribou, various birds, wolves, moose, wolverines and so much more wildlife! 

*Travelers should be able to hike at least 5 miles of uneven terrain per day in order to keep up with their scheduled itinerary*

Pricing is dependent on the amount of travelers in your group. 

For groups larger than 3 travelers, please reach out to us via email or phone and we can provide group rates. 


Not included