Demarcation Bay

Price:$8,000 Min. Travelers: 3 Max Travelers: 6

Base camp will be set up on this magnificent bay just 7 miles west of the Canadian Border and just a short walk from the Atlantic Ocean with a beautiful view of the Brooks Range south of you! From camp, you can either explore inland on foot or on water by canoe over these 6 days. There is an opportunity to see all types of wildlife including seals, whales, birds, foxes, brown bears, and maybe even a wolverine or polar bear! Human history remains around the bay you will see include old fishing camps, crumbling trading posts, and even a shipwrecked freighter. This is a relaxing trip that is perfect for backpackers who would like an easy trip where they can take in the beauty of the Arctic without any extreme hiking! If you are interested in booking, you can find out how to do that here.


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