Over the Peaks Backpacking

Price:$7,200+ Min. Travelers: 3 Max Travelers: 6

Have you ever wanted to hike into the wilderness and take some time to truly see what it's like to be on a remote trip? Are you an experienced backpacker who is looking for a different type of challenge? This trip is the trip for you! After a flight into the Brooks Range, you will unload your gear and begin the hike to where you will be setting up base camp. Over the next 8 days, the group will hike approx. 40 miles. There are plenty of side canyons and rock peaks that you can explore also. With 24 hours of daylight, the possibilities are endless. Some of the common wildlife that you're likely to spot include Dall Sheep, Golden Eagles, Horned Larks, and even Caribou!  If you are interested in booking, you can find out how to do that here.

We also offer 2 other length variations of this trip:


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