Polar Bear Viewing

Price:$7,000 Min. Travelers: 2 Max Travelers: 3

This tour will allow small groups to fly from Anchorage into the Northernmost parts of Alaska to meet with one of our local guides who will safely take you to view the largest land carnivore in the world, the Polar Bear. Due to the sensitivity surrounding these marine mammals, we will not be allowing groups larger than three at a time on this trip. 

Once you land in the Arctic, your guide will shuttle you from the airport to your accommodation for your stay. Once getting checked in, the adventure begins. Your guide will go over rules and regulations that must be followed not just to keep you safe, but also the bears. Spend these 5 days viewing these spectacular animals in their natural habitat, making sure to take plenty of pictures so you can show off this intimate trip to all your friends and family upon your return! It will surely be a trip that very few will get to experience in their life.


not included